You Could Get Hurt

Erica Goss created You could Get Hurt from two short prose-poems of mine, both of which will be in a chapbook entitled Behind the Bladed Green, coming out with the Alfred Gustav Press in 2022 (summer).

We Have Become Children

My second videopoem collaboration with Erica Goss, narrated by Annelyse Gelman

I've in the Rain

 I've in the Rain is a new videopoem collaboration, this time across three countries: Italy, the US, and Canada. Many thanks to Sandro Pecchiari for translating my poem to Italian and supplying the voice-over, and to Erica Goss, who crafted the video. 

Four Neat Holes

Four Neat Holes is a videopoem that uses two poems from my chapbook, and is a collaboration with Mo Hamilton and Steph St. Laurent

Paper Clothes

Paper Clothes is a videopoem collaboration with Maureen Hamilton, Raghu Lokananthan, Steph St. Laurent, and myself. It includes a layer of shadow puppetry overlaid on a background of video, which was then filmed as a whole. 

Is This Beulah Land?

Our latest videopoem collaboration, Is This Beulah Land?, is with Jeremy Stewart, Steph St Laurent, Theresa DeReis, and myself. Jeremy composed original music for the piece, and then I wrote a poem based solely off the music. Steph then created footage for the film and put it all together, with...

Sky Canoe

The Sky Canoe is a collaboration between three other artists (Phil Morrison, Jeremy Stewart, and Steph St Laurent) and myself. It has been screened at the Visible Verse Festival in Vancouver, 2012, and at the Filmpoem Festival in Dunbar, Scotland, 2013, as well as Liberated Words in Bristol,...

He Talked in His Sleep

He talked in His Sleep is a newer videopoem using old footage of family videos from 1929, and was created with the help of Steph St Laurent  

Right Through the Earth

Right Through the Earth was created for one of my poems in This Isn't the Apocalypse We Hoped For, with music by Isaac Smeele and video editing by Steph St Laurent 


I made Eloise using shots of light coming through the windows in winter. The poem is a tribute to my daughter and her first year of life, and is from my first book, understories. Steph St Laurent helped clean up my amateur video editing.

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